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For the second contract, Esterline CMC Electronics will supply dual CMA-9000 FMSs as well as five MFD-3068 Multi-Function Displays for a quantity of sixty, new production AN-148/158/178 aircrafts, for commercial and military use. This family of aircrafts is based on the same fuselage and a common avionics solution. The AN-148/158 will feature a civil configuration; and the AN-178 will feature a dual use, civil and military cargo capability. The CMA-9000 FMS and MFD-3068 will provide improved civil navigation (IFR) features that will prepare the aircraft for the European 2020 Air Traffic Mandates.

Michel Potvin, President, Esterline Avionics Systems, said: "We are very proud that Antonov has selected our avionics system solutions for this family of transport aircraft. This is a key endorsement of our core navigational systems expertise and pedigree."

The latest generation CMA-9000 Flight Management will provide these Antonov transport aircrafts with multi-sensory based navigation and enhanced operational capability. The CMA-9000's large navigation database capability offers flexible global operations and will allow the aircraft to make the most efficient use of the airspace as it is modernized over the next 20 years. The Antonov fleets will comply with the forecasted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards for the Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) system. Esterline CMC Electronics' high-performance FMS systems are in service with over 60 military and civil operators.


The third-generation MFD-3068 smart display is designed as an open architecture platform, featuring next- generation MOSArt™ (Modular Open System Architecture) middleware built with non-proprietary industry standards for the partitioning of applications (ARINC 653) and the latest in Multi-Core Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS). The display is complemented by CMC supplied software applications (PFD, Navigation, etc.) and customer supplied applications. With an optical quality second to none, the display offers true 8-bit colour rendition with optical performance stabilized over its design life-time and its extended operating temperature envelope (+70C continuous). Its next-generation Light Emitting Diode (LED) illumination system supports multi-mode operations (day/night/NVIS) and provides up to 275 fL of illumination in day mode.

CMC's IntegriFlight™ CMA-5024 GPS Landing System Sensor meets the requirements for an Instrument Flight Rules, civil certified Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). The CMA-5024 provides Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) SBAS GPS capability from departure to Non Precision Approach that complies with published Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) navigational mandates. WAAS/SBAS augments GPS to provide an extremely accurate navigation solution that will support all flight operations from en route through GNSS and WAAS/SBAS Localizer Performance with a Vertical Guidance approach. The CMA-5024 is provisioned for growth to GBAS with a built-in VHF Data Broadcast (VDB) receiver.

The Antonov Company has developed more than a hundred types of passenger

The Antonov Company has developed more than a hundred types of passenger, transport and special purpose aircrafts. The total number of produced planes exceeds 22,000. Founded 70 years ago the company is now one of the few enterprises running the complete development cycle of advanced aircrafts -- from preliminary design to construction, testing, certification, production and integrated logistic support. The core of Antonov is its scientific, research and design bureau. Thanks to its production facility, flight test base and airdrome, its designers can realize their ideas and upgrade the aircrafts to meet customers' requirements. Antonov offers competitive products, including designs that can provide its partners with the capability to develop and upgrade their own aircraft industry.

This transaction was facilitated by Mr. Hans Deprez, the founder of Depicon BVBA in Belgium, which represents Esterline CMC Electronics in Ukraine.

The CMC Electronics (CMC) brand within Esterline Avionics Systems has achieved an international reputation for innovation and excellence in the design and manufacture of electronics products for the military and commercial aviation markets. The company's focus is on delivering innovative cockpit systems integration and avionics solutions to its customers worldwide. CMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Corporation (www.esterline.com), a specialized aerospace and defense company headquartered in Bellevue, WA, that employs over 13,000 people worldwide.


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