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Aviation Enterprise Data Management

SKYTRAC Systems has roots going back to 1986 with the development of first generation aviation communications and tracking solutions for fleets working in remote or dangerous environments. Today its data acquisition hardware is installed around the globe, whereas SkyWeb - Data management system tool - is popular among 7000 users.

Data Acquisition Hardware

Capture and transmit 4D aircraft data in real time with our combined Data Acquisition Unit with added transceiver and onboard server. This proven and multi-functional system is central to facilitating real-time fleet awareness, accurate FDM performance analysis, and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) document automation.Camera, WiFi and data concentrator accessories are also available

Flight Following

SKYTRAC uses a blend of automated data processing and manual analysis to build objective analytics into everyday aviation safety and maintenance functions. You can combine FDM reports with onboard data analysis and real-time alerts; gain the optimal combination of personalized analytics, expert program support and real-time exceedance notifications.

Flight Data Monitoring

SKYTRAC technology allows to track high-accuracy flight paths, weather conditions, system health status and worldwide fleet activity. From pole-to-pole, SKYTRAC automated flight following allows dispatch teams and other ground crew to chart real-time flight paths for an unlimited number of aircrafts. Our software is a fourth generation system and is trusted by over 6500 users around the globe that can set flight corridors, add custom geo-references, monitor flight plan deviations and more.

Voice, Text & Push-to-Talk

SKYTRAC offers multiple voice and data packages, and a selection of hardware packages Communicate live from air to ground via satellite voice and text – globally and under all conditions. We offer to use Iridium Push-to-Talk technology – or add basic two-way calling and messaging to your aircraft.

Electronic Flight Bag Solutions

Our unique FOUR-PHASE system analyses aircraft sensor data in real-time – automatically detects safety and maintenance events – sends status updates and position reports through the duration of an inflight incident – and acts as a virtual black box, sending full flight logs into a secure data center. SKYTRAC Distress Tracking lets you know what’s gone wrong, when it happens and allows you to proactively investigate why.

GADSS Compliance

SKYTRAC SkyForms solution provides custom mobile and tablet-friendly forms based on your existing paper or digital forms. At any time, crew are able to pull up the forms on their tablet device, easily and legibly complete remaining fields, digitally sign, and remotely transmit information back to headquarters at the touch of a button. Digitize your paper-based reporting processes, speed processing times and improve data accuracy with SKYTRAC SkyForms – the only Electronic Flight Bag solution that auto-populates your existing document management systems with objective data from your aircraft.

Operations Integration

Many organizations already suffer from software overload – making the addition of a new FDM, flight following or EFB system a daunting task. SKYTRAC is dedicated to providing solutions that work in your larger operational context. With flexible integration options our systems designed to work with your existing tools and processes. We also offer full program implementation and support services. SKYTRAC will eliminate software silos and streamline operations for multiple departments.
SKYTRAC is today’s partner of choice for data-guided business insights that result in greater efficiency and improved safety.