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Aircraft LED interior lighting

Welcome passengers with elegance and beauty through the most contemporary, high-quality LED lighting system available today. Bruce Aerospace provides a true cabin lighting solution featuring XLUME High Brightness LED technology, delivering exceptional quality. Such illumination far outreaches OEM fluorescent and many other LED lighting systems. Bruce’s LED cabin lighting are quick and easy-to-install, as well as cost-effective for enhancing any cabin interior.

Aircraft Mood Lighting

Set the standard for commercial aviation and enhance the cabin ambience for passengers with Mood Lighting LED technology. Bruce Aerospace utilizes a high quality, high brightness LED design versatile for both the primary white and RGB colored LED arrays. This ensures the highest output and full color saturation, and the highest purity white light source with no undesirable tinting.

Airplane Emergency Interior Lighting

When seconds matter, have the utmost confidence passengers will be guided to safety with the most reliable emergency lighting platform. Floor Mounted Emergency Escape Path and Seat Mounted Emergency Escape Path Marking Systems are reliable and provide a highly visible emergency exit path.

Aerospace Information Signage

From informational and emergency to custom on-board messaging and advertising, Bruce Aerospace designs, manufactures and certifies an extensive collection of easy-to-install LED regulatory and operational ordinance signage. The signs are highly functional for ceiling mount applications, and fore and aft bulkhead mountings. Custom graphics design and silk-screening capabilities are available.