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Advanced Visualization Solutions in Avionics

For more than 20 years ScioTeq provides displays to system integrators for commercial air transport and business jets operators. ScioTeq provides lightweight, fit for purpose visualization solutions with extensive reliability meeting the most demanding safety environment. Pilots can rely on ScioTeq products to bring you home safely. So why is the company so popular and what are the strengths?

Highly reliable solutions

ScioTeq designs highly reliable products that are in high demand among airline operators. Thanks to years of experience and research in improving electronics and sophisticated test processes ScioTeq has proven track record of cutting edge products.

Innovative visual and touch technology

At the core of the product is display with the certification up to highest development assurance level A per DO-178 and DO-254. Its ruggedization allows to operate in the most demanding environment. ScioTeq has been investing in visualization for more than 60 years thanks to their strong heritage. ScioTeq continues to do so to provide to operators the most advanced solutions, reducing weight, power consumption while increasing the capabilities. With several patent in visualization and touch technology ScioTeq helps pilots in controlling their cockpits as simply as the latest smartphone apps.

Scalable solutions

ScioTeq products are offered in different sizes supporting various system architecture paradigms and allowing the system integrators and aircraft manufacturers to best tune solutions to the need of the end user. Thanks to the team and processes agility ScioTeq is able to customize its products to make sure that your cockpits make the difference for the end user.
However ScioTeq solutions aren’t just used in the aircrafts. The first ever display was put in a Helicopter in 1985. ScioTeq does understand the special constraints of helicopters. Their displays support large temperature range, full direct sunlight operation, Night Vision operation, high vibration profile, sand and dust operation and salt atmosphere constraints. So it’s a perfect fit for the use in extreme conditions.

ScioTeq adapts COTS components and ruggedizes them to allow deployment in the most extreme conditions, without compromising on light weight solution, high reliability and dependability.

ScioTeq perfectly understands operating environment and makes sure its clients can rely on the customer service department to provide you all the necessary assistance you might require. ScioTeq is a proud team of true professionals dedicated to ensure your smooth operation.