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Innovative solutions

Aviation Solutions

  • Aviation Enterprise Data Management
  • Flight data collection and analysis
  • Advanced Visualization Solutions
  • Lightest economy seating for passenger aircrafts
  • Aircraft LED interior lighting
  • Protected glass for aircraft interiors
  • Advanced control systems
  • Communication, navigation, surveillance and search & rescue equipment
  • Cargo loading systems for aircrafts
  • Aviation Enterprise Data Management

    Capture and transmit 4D aircraft data in real time with our combined Data Acquisition Unit with added transceiver and onboard server. This proven and multi-functional system is central to facilitating real-time fleet awareness, accurate FDM performance analysis, and Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) document automation.Camera, WiFi and data concentrator accessories are also available

    Flight data collection and analysis

  • Design & manufacture products for ground support equipment and airborne components
  • Printed electronic circuit board design, assembly & testing
  • Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)/Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) services
  • Product sales and services for GSE, flight recorders and UAVs
  • Flight Recorder Services & Readouts – Data & Voice
  • Component / Instrument maintenance repair and overhaul
  • Laser guided Munitions sales and services
  • Quality and Logistics Management Services
  • Advanced Visualization Solutions in Avionics

    ScioTeq designs highly reliable products that are in high demand among airline operators. Thanks to years of experience and research in improving electronics and sophisticated test processes ScioTeq has proven track record of cutting edge products.

    Air Traffic Control

    To make informed decisions quickly ATC operators need the clearest possible view of the skies that’s why bright, high-resolution and reliable ATC displays are important. Since 2000 ScioTeq has set the tone in ATC displays: 7 out of 10 ATC displays currently in use worldwide belong to ScioTeq. And they keep expanding portfolio. In addition, ScioTeq certified a series of high-grade displays such as the 21” or 27” formats. By combining that ever-broader range with innovative technology we ensure that every ATC controller has the clearest possible view.

    Lightest economy seating for passenger aircrafts

  • Lean manufacturing methods to reduce lead time
  • Automotive levels of fit and finish
  • Low cost
  • Aircraft LED interior lighting

    Set the standard for commercial aviation and enhance the cabin ambience for passengers with Mood Lighting LED technology. Bruce Aerospace utilizes a high quality, high brightness LED design versatile for both the primary white and RGB colored LED arrays. This ensures the highest output and full color saturation, and the highest purity white light source with no undesirable tinting.

    Protected glass for aircraft interiors

    Air-Craftglass products are unique thanks to a special patented laminating technique. This method allows us to produce ultra-thin laminated glass sheets, ranging from 1.2 mm to 6 mm in overall thickness. We use one of the strongest types of glass in the world, better yet a specially developed tempering method enables us to increase its strength fivefold. Two sheets of glass are laminated together, - the final product remains flexible while becoming extremely strong – in fact, it is virtually unbreakable and limitless in it’s application possibilities.

    Advanced control systems

    The most advanced stabilized micro gimbal systems on the market

    Communication, navigation, surveillance and search & rescue equipment

    It is continuous quest for excellence and the pure tradition of German engineering that made the brand Becker well-known around. With footprints today on three continents and regional partners across the globe, Becker proudly supplies communication, navigation, surveillance and digital intercom systems to the most influential OEMs. Because Becker cares for what you do, it tailors its solutions to your needs and constraints, thus making products that keep you safe.

    Cargo loading systems for aircrafts

    U.S. Cargo Systems is a proven worldwide leader in the design and development of Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery System technologies serving countless commercial and military aircraft customers. U.S. Cargo Systems provides complete commercial cargo handling products and management systems for over 40 different commercial aircraft types, including main deck cargo handling systems for the MD-11, 747, 767, A300, A310, and numerous regional transport aircraft.